Am I an Empath?

Since I launched the site, I have received some inquiry regarding my opinion of whether or not one is am Empath. I found this fitting to be the first blog post to state my opinion on the matter, as this goes into a deeper subject for Empath’s all together.

As to typically be anticipated, empaths are usually the last to think about what they are…my entire life I was in-tune with the feelings of others. No one had to tell me what to do or what not to do – I already knew.

I could just feel it. I thought this was normal. I had no reason to believe other people weren’t the same way. I began formulating my own opinions and feelings based off the feelings of others. It took me years to go back through my self and start the process of not only feeling my own emotions, but understanding them. If you can’t separate the emotions of others from your own emotions, you can’t determine the pure feeling. If you can’t determine the other’s pure feeling, you have polluted your own emotion. Don’t worry – it takes an empath a long time to fully corrupt an emotion, but the key is to recognize that it is important to avoid at all costs!

There are varying degrees of being an empath. The mere fact you are on this site shows that you are trying to become more self-aware and leads me to conclude that you have empathetic abilities – in fact, it is rare that Empath’s reach the level of self-awareness where they can even define themselves which greatly strengthen’s the argument that you may be on a higher vibrational level than most. But what you call yourself is not what you are…you choose that.

Therefore, I cannot tell you if you are an empath.  I can give you my opinion, which is just one drop in a vast ocean –  I can tell you my journey and experience and how I define myself. I can help you understand (as you will with me) by the similarities and differences between us and give you encouragement to accomplish what you seek most out of life. I can provide you encouragement to helping others (as often that is how an Empath starts the process of self-awareness). I can encourage you and give on a bad or good day. I welcome your insights and will never judge you. I will never berate you or ignore your observations or comments. But I cannot tell you what you are; that is on you.

Who you choose to be is a choice. Having like-minded people to help you grow and share your experiences is friendship.  If you need advice and don’t know what to do, hopefully this network can grow to offer you support to help in your journey! I can offer you insights about my opinion, but that is just an opinion in a vast ocean. Y-O-U have far more power to be who Y-O-U want to be. You are in control.

So, in my experience, here is some Empath bullet points for you to consider:

  • Empaths came to Earth on a mission that some may or not be aware of…while all missions are important, they all vary.

A large portion of empaths, such as myself, come to understand the psychologically oppressed and attempt to heal them – usually, that results in either being healed ourselves and gaining insight that it is not one’s place to change what someone is. Empath’s don’t heal – God does. It takes a while to understand that as one’s ego can become intertwined with helping others. Our mission is to spread hope. Nothing less or more.

Other perspectives offer us ways to relate and perhaps even share our own opinions to learn how others translate it. I adapt different view points and appreciate them. I don’t believe my evolution is perfected or think it will ever be.

  • Empaths are not psychics.

Psychics focus on the dead for the benefit of the living. Empaths focus on the living for the benefit of the living. Psychics are in-tune with a mental wave length that is geared on fact-driven interpretation by the energy they sense through ESP. However, psychics do choose what they wish to communicate to the living and certainly have empathy –  I have never heard a psychic say, “Your dead relative thinks you suck”…now that may be funny…lol.

Empaths feel other’s energy through emotion. Newbie empath’s struggle with defining what is even happening as it comes so naturally…but if a person walks in the room, immediately energy changes based on the new person and the reaction of the other’s person’s presence to the new person. This is a lot of energy filtering in a matter of split seconds. It takes a lot of practice and time to master this where you can accurately feel the emotion of another by channeling the energy back to the primary source. If the majority of the energy is nervousness, the newbie empath can adopt this nervous feeling without even really knowing why.

Over time, the Empath learns how to separate the emotional responses of others, but first must do so by understanding their own emotion. So when the new person walks in the room, the Super Empath knows how they feel about that person and separates his or her emotion to focus solely on the emotions of others. For a while, the empath can only translate one set of emotions at a time, but practice makes perfect…empaths must create channels for each person’s energy to understand it.

  • Empaths are highly sensitive, but can also be misunderstood as feelings are generally a private matter.

Empaths can be easily misunderstood…especially by one of their own kind. If you are like me, you also may struggle with that “Pick Me!” annoying student quality…(I’m working on it!)…but chances are, I tuned into an emotional response that I have related with before  that I know correlates. Empath’s forget that normally feelings are a private matter. They tend to ask the questions that they are eagerly searching for, forgetting that their emotional depth can be way too deep for the person at the time…

Also, explaining the truth even when the answer is clear must be done with kindness and love based on the reader’s understanding of the words. It can be a challenge to respond in ways to others far different (such as the narcissist) whose feelings are hidden.

  • Experience makes the empath wiser. 

Think of emotions like words. If you read something and don’t understand a few of the words in the sentence, you can’t fully understand what is being said. For words, we have Webster’s Dictionary…for emotions, all we have is experience. If an emotion hits us that is unique, we have to spend time understanding it’s translation. We archive an emotional dictionary that associates certain emotions with feelings. The most pure form of translation is on emotions in which an empath can relate. Thus, the empath subconsciously or consciously may commingle with emotionally different people to understand the translations. Most empaths mission is related to something that they have had years of experience dealing with beginning as early as childhood.

  • Empaths provide what is needed verses what is wanted.

Being in tuned with emotions, empaths can sense (even by mere words) what emotional state the writer was in at the time the words are written. No matter how illogical, ridiculous, or absurd, the logic behind the statements produces an emotional response the writer either wishes to portray or be believed or be validated. Meeting someone in person is all the more invaluable, because most people radiate with emotion. If emotions are being suppressed, fear is gut-wrenching.

Therefore, Super Empaths will implant language that inspires thinking and problem-solving. The key is to give the reader what is needed not what is wanted.

  • More people need help than there are Empaths. 

As stated above, empaths each have areas of expertise of which they gain knowledge and influence. They are the social butterflies of sort – someone always needs help, but the Empath’s goal is providing seeds for contemplation. Recognition need not to be had. In most cases, the groups I work with have a hard time understanding their own emotions…as an empath, I can fully relate.


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