The Secret Spots of the Empath

Empath’s are special and desired. They are the peacekeepers of the Earth. They maintain harmony. They feel pain and their mere presence without saying or doing anything begins a healing process – it is not our gift to give and we know that humbly – it’s a natural process like putting antibiotic on a wound – our mere involvement speeds up natural time. This happens to us just by tuning into a situation – it travels through us in vibrations. It is very important an Empath never bite more than she or he can chew. Like a network, we all feel a light loss of pain – Empaths are connected – that is what makes us powerful – we are never alone – although we are alone – never abandoned because we are connected. We trust each other to make the right choices, and if we do not, we hold no judgment – we value our kind as friends – as healers, we take supreme joy into healing our kind. It is within what we can feel, and we can turn it off if it is unrecoverable. All this is done in the matter of milliseconds.

All Empath’s need a special place to rejuvenate. A place of peace and  harmony where the Empath can just be. Empath’s learn the art of detachment at a young age; we live in the world, but the world cannot live in us. It is a hard balance if you get technical.

For me, simply reading a book underneath a tree or in a hammock energizes me. I never seem to get much reading done as I curiously get distracted with the butterflies,  falling apples, flowers, and anything and everything else that distracts me. It’s where I can be me.

If you are involved with an Empath, giving her alone time to rejuvenate is one of the greatest gifts you can give her. For us, the alone moments recharge our battery in small amounts of time. We see the beauty in everything…even what is not beautiful…it’s how we offer hope and eradicate fear. Perfect love casts out fear – nothing else.

Empaths can be distant with those they love the most. That means we trust you to be ourselves. We channel other places sometimes – not like in a supernatural way – but in an innocent playful way. If I can’t get to my tree to read, I go there mentally in feeling. I can recharge anywhere – at anytime – and the one ones who love me most understand…but I still have to take the time for me.

Our hidden spots are often places no one can find us. No one knows exist. We don’t want you to. It’s something that is ours that no one can find…but if we ever get lost and lose our way, we can find our way back there. From that spot. Within and outside ourselves.

One comment

  1. This is me, has always been me. At almost any given time as a child- and now- I could be found with my nose in a book, or walking barefoot close to the woods. I feel exactly what you describe.


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