Empaths:Rejuvenating from Negative Energy

For an Empath, negative energy affects us differently than most people. The best way I can describe it is like going somewhere where someone sprays you with a whiff of their perfume or cologne without even being aware of it. Of course, you are already wearing your own perfume which smells fresh and clean – one little spray doesn’t change anything. However, if you keep getting sprayed repeatedly, you begin to lose your own smell and the negative energy takes hold. For me, this is how it feels when it happens…I’m dowsed in “bluh”.

Rejuvenating from negative energy comes for me has always came from compassion. Some people have to learn the lessons for themselves to be able to change. The word karma means actions and consequences of action, both in the world and for oneself. When I feel someone’s painful emotions (what I associate as negative), I will instantly want to rush in and make it better to make the emotion go away. However, my choice of action can result in getting physically and mentally drained because I did not love enough to let the person learn their own lesson for negative choices.

Now, I practice the art of renunciation. I feel compassion for the negative. I understand that a lot of bad choices led to those painful feelings, but it is not my place to rescue them from the consequences of that choice. That prevents them from learning.

However, I can still be compassionate. Sometimes the kindest thing to do is be supportive during someone’s hard time. Sadly, they chose the actions that resulted in those negative emotions – not me. Likewise, just because I feel those emotions, doesn’t mean I am devoid of the choice of whether to focus my energy on them.

What I am responsible for is feeling compassion as I hate that people have to suffer, but being strong enough to let them suffer is golden value for the Empath.

The choice we make is either to walk towards the problem or away from it. We have the control on whether to act (do or not do something).

To rejuvenate from negative energy, the solution is easier said than done: feel compassion and choose to walk away from it. It is your choice.


  1. “What I am responsible for is feeling compassion as I hate that people have to suffer, but being strong enough to let them suffer is golden value for the Empath.”

    Wow! I had never even considered it in that manner. I’m still at the point in my journey where I shrink against the negative vibrations and/or want to make it better for the other person. So, I don’t have to feel it? I don’t know, but thank you for sharing and giving me something to chew on. 🙂


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