The Empath and Lunar Healing Power of the Moon

The moon has always been immensely comforting to me. Since I can remember, the night has always been, and most likely will always be, one of the most powerful times when I can tune into the subconscious energies required for deep healing. Everything, including words, possess an energetic frequency that Empaths are able to sense even those such changes are undetectable to the naked eye or five senses. At night, I find that these channels are more quiet as other energies are peacefully asleep, which gives Empaths a crisp lucidity of direct energy.

In many ways, Empaths relate with the moon’s energy as it is borrowed from the sun just as Empath’s are the catalyst that borrows the healing power of love from God and reflects it in others darkness. While we never are to receive the credit for such acts, we are the catalyst that makes it possible by opening our selves as a conductor. Our inner strength is able to take some of the most venomous energies and intermingle them with love, hope, and joy. We may forever be changed, but we are never broken as our gift was never ours to consume us. We are merely an instrument.

According to Quantum Physics, the moon operates on an established frequency that exerts control over  feelings, emotions and desires that are 95% enacted in our subconscious minds. Think of the subconscious mind like a dark ocean where the higher operating frequency is regulated by the moon just as the tides on planet Earth. Empaths need constructive thinking and observatory skills to get into the realms of their own subconscious mind in order to connect to another’s subconscious mind to release this energy to the conscious mind. Since our subconscious mind consists of both unnecessary and necessary, positive and negative imprints and memories, we not only have to navigate there for ourselves but on behalf of another.

Empaths are the sultry lady in red that sits on top of the rooftop beneath the full moon, feet dangling off the ledge that could crush her to oblivion by the force of gravity alone. But there is always a force that keeps us firm and grounded — a force that I cannot explain because it is reflected in the humbleness of the moon’s energy.  In this analogy, Empaths are refreshed by the white light of borrowed energy by God’s love for this world that we may even be able to understand it when our universe was deemed unworthy of it – we project outward because that is what Empaths are called to do. In the end, we are just like the moon, but such beauty is only truly amazing once we conquer our own self and acknowledge that our brightest and strength is given to us from above!

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