The Zenith Empath

The best way to describe a Zenith Empath is as truth personified.

According to legend, truth was the first foundation that was laid upon creation of the world. In Greek mythology, truth was swallowed by Zeus to keep her forever inside him as his often forgotten first wife, Themis (which led to birth of Athena, the bright-eyed goddess, that was born of Zeus himself), Saraswati in Hinduism (which resulted in the loss of one of Brahmas’ heads), Sophia in Gnosticism (where she remains in a sphere of cleansing based on her eating the forbidden fruit), and the Holy Spirit in Christianity (Jesus’s spiritual “Mother” that offered hope and redemption from the cycles of Earth bound to sin). In Egyptian mythology, she is known as Maat.

Zenith Empath’s feel the emotions of others as if they were feeling the emotions his or herself. When there is multiple energies focused on a Zenith Empath of which the Empath is not aware, he or she will feel it and begin to get anxiety until the source of such feelings is properly identified. This particular type of Empath has a need for truth in order to distinguish the emotions/energies of others so he or she does not commingle her own emotions. Once a Zenith Empath has established the truth, he or she can no longer be impacted by manipulations, which preserves this type of Empaths’s unparalleled optimism that some would rightfully refer to as gullibility or naïvity.

A Zenith Empath will initially attract a lot of attention and often performs the workload of many based on sharp intellect and dedication to hard working. The Zenith Empath is highly sensitive and is the ultimate peacekeeper even to the detriment of him or herself, but can swiftly recognize manipulations and will attempt to sometimes make known such intentions with the hope that the other side is not disappointed with the lack of reaction because in childlike excitement it was predicted.

Differences Between the Zenith Empath and Other Empaths

The Zenith Empath is the epitome of the number zero, which is the source of both strength and weakness. Imagine a numberline where you have the Zenith Empath at 0 with 5 being a normal person compromised of both narcississtic and empathic characteristics and 10 being the Greatest Narcissist.

Moving to the right of the numberline, we have the Super Empath and Co-Dependant (two different branches from the same branch of the same tree). Unlike the Zenith Empath, the Super Empath does not require an objective viewpoint to walk away from a negative situation and is not as interterested in truth as the Zenith Empath. He or she can rely that the Narcissist is an asshole and walk away. The Super Empath, thus, has the ability to dismiss hope as an element of his or her framework.

The Co-Dependant, on the other hand, accepts the treatment and remains indefintily as they have made that choice to remain and do not expect better or are addicts to the high and low nature of the Narcissistic relationship.

The Zenith Empath, however, will attempt to create a new system, once truth is reasonably identifiable, based on everlasting hope.This is an identifiable weakness of the Zenith Empath that the Super Empath has mastered when engaging with toxic people that is debatedly not possible with a Zenith Empath, who will likely be more creative and spunky to avoid hurting others as much as possible, but after a while, must say something or be guilty of enabling or wasting one’s time and resources.

Because the Zenith Empath can feel the intent of actions coupled with appropriate knowledge, such individual can ancticipate manipulations with relative certainty before they begin. While such massive manipulations could defeat a soul, a Zenith Empath does not take emotional injury in the same degree as they operate from zero – anything times zero is zero – this is how the Zenith empath keeps a widely objective viewpoint that shields quite well from Narcissistic subjective attacks unless the argument is made clear between two people. The Zenith Empath will have a witty sense of humor and be highly creative. Of all categories of Empaths, the Zenith Empath is the best sport, and because of his or her zest for the truth, is not affected by useless banter and accepts his or her subjective reality based on the objective whole in it’s entirety.

Objective Truth

Essential to the Zenith Empath’s being is objective truth (for without it, the Zenith Empath cannot be his or herself), which will be used by the Greater and Mid-Range Narcissist against the Zenith Empath in distortion of his or her own reality. This is often where the Lesser Narcissist will be utilized to create fear and control to prohibit the Zenith Empath from leaving the relationship as both the Mid-Range and Greater Narcissists do not want to be associated with a crumbling of the facade.

Based on such a perspective, all classes of Narcissists can easily become frustrated with the Zenith Empath for lack of subordination, of which the Zenith Empath may be laregely unaware for an indefinite period. Even when he or she becomes aware, the subjective mindset of a Narcissist is so foreign to his or her understanding, the Zenith Empath may not be able to see such direction unless spoken to directly. Once an objective conclusion has been reached, if insubordination continues, the Zenith Empath will be acknowledging, largely by silence, so as not to sway other person’s individual choices, that he or she cannot engage further based either on lack of conclusive evidence or based on the findings of field research based on the tangible evidence.

Determining Objective Truth in Abscense of Explanation

The Zenith Empath will be an insatiable learner through all methods of interaction for the art of mastering feelings with both emotion and knowledge. If a Zenith Empath gets involved in a project, she or he will devote much effort into understanding and rationalizing the subject matter at hand.

The Lesser Narcissist will be more apt to try to disclose truths to the Zenith Empath, whereas the Mid-Range Narcissist, in an attempt to reach the Greater threshold or in trying to perform his or her job, will try to distort such truths. The Greater will benefit from the obtained knowledge to satisfy the motives that please him or her. The Zenith Empath will be able to recognize this and establish truth by the differentiations of emotional energies at work.

On a complicated subject matter, the Zenith Empath may go so far as having evidence analyzed by experts for the sole purpose of defining his or her objective truth. This is not done for ill-intent, but because of how important the truth is for the Zenith Empath.

The Zenith Empath and Differing Energy Effects

Empathic energy attracts empaths, and single handedly the saddest fate is when an empath joins the darkside to ensnare other empaths for Narcissists. Such a person loses his or her voice, and aids to the capturing of one of their own. However, the longer empathic energy can withstand, the more empathic forces will join in that is something truly unexplainable and of a higher power. The Zenith Empath does not say a word, but change and differing attitudes pop-up all over the place. In short, the Zenith Empath is not there to preach, but to make one think.

Based on the Zenith Empath’s love of truth, the Narcissist will use triangulation to destroy the Zenith’s reputation with baseless facts and inordinate manipulations, but unless the Zenith Empath is asked by someone specifically or tarnished on a global scale that is constituted as slander, the Zenith Empath will not be affected but such manipulations and may even admire the work the Narcissist put into accomplishing the task.

The Zenith Empath can act like this because 1) the truth is the truth and will not change regardless of what is said or not said; and 2) the Zenith Empath has conquered him or herself so there is no facade that must be maintained.

How to Spot a Zenith Empath

Zenith Empath’s are vastly different than other Empath’s, and can be a challenge to a Narcissist regardless of ranking based on their ability to see the truth which interferes with the construct (“false self”). However, here is how to spot an Zenith Empath:

  1. There On Behalf of Others or Self. In nearly all cases, the Zenith Empath will be someone who is conducting research or doing something on behalf of someone else and not him or herself. More specifically, if you are at church and are sitting beside a Super Empath and Zenith Empath, the Super Empath will be attending church because that is what he or she enjoys to do. The Zenith Empath is more proned to be in attendance because she or he is learning the subject matter to aid someone or support someone else.
  1. Flexible Beliefs and Strict Logic. The Zenith Empath will be very logical and will be flexible towards beliefs or values. In most cases, he or she will always be open to change and will not lock herself in or outside the box of an argument. The Zenith Empath will also adopt a new viewpoint if he or she finds it of merit and always enjoys learning new things.
  1. Admittance of Mistakes. The Zenith Empath will admit mistakes and respect those that point them out to him or her. The Zenith Empath will not blame shift and will accept responsibility and will apologize and ask forgiveness even when known such apology will result in a manipulation.
  1. Will Strive for Kindness in Turmoil. The Zenith Empath will attempt to be kind and deliver critisim with love or humor. They are the first to bring up a situation in which they feel is wrong, and may struggle on balancing emotions if being provoked or manipulated until the emotional feeling can be translated with correct knowledge.
  1. Truth. While a Narcissist mantains a construct that the outside world sees that most are attracted to, the Zenith Empath cares only for the truth and will be loyal on devotion based on the Narcissist is who he is. That is the nature of the Zenith Empath.
  1. Balancing and Debating. The Zenith Empath will constantly be weighing objectively, and will enjoy debates with new perspectives as he or she balances the scales between conflicting viewpoints.

Zenith Empath and Narcissist Roles

If a Zenith Empath becomes romantically involved with a Lesser or Mid-Range Narcissist as an Intimate Partner Primary Source (both a physical and emotional relationship), the Zenith Empath very well may be able to neutralize the energy and pull the Narcissist back to the medium over the course of 3 years. If a Zenith Empath remains in the relationship and commits, he or she would most likely have to be opt for codependent traits. If a Zenith Empath considered such an arrangement, she or he would also think very hard about the nature of the choice as commitment is of uttermost importance to the Zenith Empath, who takes obligations very seriously. If a Zenith Empath does not think she can perform, she or he won’t commit.

A Greater Narcissist may easily look at a Zenith Empath as someone to conquer based on the Zenith’s Empath’s contradictory traits. However, if the Greater does not harbor ill intentions, the Zenith Empath can be a valuable resource in odd capacities, and will be someone who is not needy based on acceptance of the truth. The Zenith Empath may be prone to excusing behaviors that one should not, but will balance that in the honesty of disclosures – i.e. a normal person judged more harshly for a lie than a Narcissist Sociopath based on the way in which one has represented oneself. However, the Zenith Empath will not tolerate prolific abuse, but tends to be a social butterfly and often relates well with with most groups.

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