Weening Down from a Narcissistic Relationship: Understanding the Limbo Stage Before No Contact

If you have been involved in a Narcissistic Relationship whether romantic, friendship, familial or otherwise, there are multiple points where your gut instincts will say, “Uh-oh…get out and get out now of this relationship!”

And even when the relationship is over, many Narcissistic abuse victims will feel ashamed to admit that they still have contact with their ex-Narc or frequently check the ex-Narc’s social media pages.

This is normal. You are not doing anything wrong. 

The “No Contact” advocates, while correct in the overall goal, all largely miss the mark in the most important stage of recovery of Narcissistic Abuse that is largely ignored of what I shall hereby refer to as “LIMBO”.  I hope with more awareness, it can be explored by true professionals, of which I am not. I just practice Extreme Empathy.

What is Limbo?

Limbo is when you know you need to move out of your Narcissistic relationship, but are still caught up in the whirlwind of emotions associated to it and have zero clue of what to do. And you know what? That’s normal! You are not supposed to know what to do!

If you knew what to do, you would never have been targeted by a Narcissist in the first place! Narcissist’s go after the most beautiful, giving empathic souls – you are a diamond in the rough, and you have a strong inner core – but EVERYONE needs help sometimes, and I promise you, Limbo is not one you should enter alone.

Remember, a Narcissistic relationship has effectively devoted time and energy into purposely doing a combination of factors that make leaving the relatiosnhip extremely difficult, including, but not limited to:

  1. Isolated you from your normal social groups
  2. Intimidated you that leaving will result in devaluation and smear campaigns
  3. Overloaded you with attention
  4. Drained your bank accounts
  5. Overtook your sex life

So, here is what you need to do: Contact us right here – we will talk to you via phone, email, messenger – whatever you are comfortable with free of cost – everything is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL – we will never repeat a word that is said – but in order to WEEN DOWN, you NEED to do so by talking to someone directly – one on one – who not only understands Narcissistic abuse, but can relate with you and go through the process with you together!

To ween off of a Narcissist relationship in the stage of Limbo, you need one on one individual attention.

Self helps books and videos are great, but in order to get to the point where you can read or watch them as a logically sane personYOU HAVE TO TALK TO SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS DIRECTLY and transfer that energy to someone who understands and can neutralize it. We get it.

As Narcissists are experts at destroying your sense of trust, trust US when we say that the quickest and most effective way to ween down from this relationship is not to ride it solo – it is to TALK TO SOMEONE DIRECTLY WHO UNDERSTANDS. We offer this here, free of cost to you out of love and hope in Extreme Empathy based on the alienation we know you feel that is not your fault.  Weird stuff happens – that’s life – it’s how you deal with it that matters.

Any therapist, life coach, physiologist, friend or whoever who tells you to go “No Contact” without understanding this “ween down” process for themselves in empathy, while giving you the BEST advice long-term, is not addressing the stage before the “No Contact” pointLimbo.

Limbo sucks, yet it is the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE ENTIRE HEALING PROCESS of Narcissistic Abuse!

You nor I can take back what happened to you if you are reading this, but here, we can help you through it — now. Remember, you have a choice of how you view an event that happens in your life: you can let the anger and rage consume you or you can look at the positive in the sense of what you have learned. How you choose to view a situation is YOUR CHOICE. Do not let the Narcissist take that away from you – if you do, then he or she has truly won. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

Now, here is one thing not to do:

  1. DO NOT try to get back or threaten the Narcissist in your life. You have automatically lost a minimum of three months on repairing damage control and will most likely bring other people down as well as Narcissist’s are supreme masters of abuse. Talk to us before you do ANYTHING. We have relationships with several networks — BUT DO NOT – and I mean do not do anything until you at least contact us. It’s free. I try to spare people from walking into a pit, but am largely stubborn, but if I had read this blog, I would have called so hopefully it addresses the milleniul divergents.

If you are struggling, contact us now. I can’t make you do it, but I can promise you, it will be the quickest way out of a toxic relationship and remember, a relationship with a Narcissist will never be forever. It is not who they are or even claim to be.


  1. You hit the nail right on the head. I left in April 2018 after 5 long years. I spent 2.5 yrs on healing myself while in the war zone. I finally left and was no contact for 6 weeks. I buckled when he found a way to reach me. I felt so good & happy as can be in my own skin for those 1st 6 weeks. It’s now Sept 2018. One week since I decided I Needed to block him for good. This whole time I felt just as awful as I did while I lived with him. I didnt know why I was feeling like a cross btwn being possessed and depression. After listening to some of my old podcasts it occurred to me that it was my ex npd. So this time I’ve gone no contact and i havent even once checked my blocked messages from him in a week. I’m actually about to factory reset my phone so that theyll all be erased. And i Know that there are many on there. But this time i feel stronger bc i Know i can survive without him. Thank u for ur article and thank u for being as awesome as u Are for offering the help u Do. God Bless


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