Why Empaths Need a Solemate

Out of every category of persons, it is without doubt that Empaths need a solemate. For starters, Empaths have a tendency to get used by other people at a higher frequency than normal individuals, whereby having a solemate who understands and loves the Empath for who he or she is, not only contributes to the Empath’s ability to give, but is a needed element for the Empath’s ability to recharge.

The Difference Between a Soulmate and a Solemate

Empaths have a higher ability to find their solemate than other individuals; however, there is a large difference between a soulmate and a solemate.

A person can have several soulmates in their lifetime that do not necessarily have to be linked to a romantic relationship. Rev. Linda Glas states in her book Your True-Twin-Sole-Love, “Indeed, the real meaning of soul-mate is any individual with whom you have shared meaningful experience in different past lives…The soul-mate is a person who has helped you learn ‘soul’ lessons, just as you have helped them. These lessons consist of the edification of morals, ethics, all issues of right and wrong, and learning how to make better choices” (11).

A solemate is a person who “loves you unconditionally, who finds absolutely NO fault with anything you do, and who will stick by you no matter what. This is the person you’ll never have to worry will betray you because they want you and only you, eternally. This enduring, always loving, continually accepting love can only come from two sources: the first is God and the second is the other, equal-opposite half of you, your true-twin-sole-love” (Glas 12).

The Key to Finding Your Solemate

For Empaths, typically there is always a man or woman who wants to date you – after all, the Empath is a giver in a world of constant need. While some may complain of not having enough dates, the Empath can suffer from the opposite problem: too many encounters with persons who need of which can mutate into a twisted form of love.

More specifically, as Empath’s find great self-worth in their ability to give, it is easy for an Empath to “settle”. Settling, in this particular context, is defined as accepting a partner who needs; not a solemate that contributes to the pursuits of the Empath in a healthy, emotional way.

If an Empath constantly has to give and is not compensated emotionally, the Empath can develop unhealthy habits in a way to “cope” in a negative relationship. Thus, the key to finding your solemate involves not settling, but holding firm that you must be emotionally compensated as well from someone who understands who you are.


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