planetary-healer-1As an Empath, you feel and experience the world and your surroundings much more deeply and intensely than those around you. Empaths are believed to make up 5% of the population and personify empathy – the ability to physically, emotionally and psychologically experience the feelings of other people on a daily basis. The Empath has a brilliant sense of intuition, compassion and listening skills, but often experiences a variety of negative side effects from their ability. Lower level Empaths tend to suffer frequent fluctuating moods. The Super Empath masters control of emotions and is able to choose whether or not to receive the emotions of others. Empaths can develop a variety of illnesses from the multitude of emotions they carry around within them each day. Empaths are greatly valued and cherished by their friends and family for their willingness to listen, comfort and counsel those in need. Empaths can be guilty of putting the needs of others above their own as they are made the most happy when others are happy. Empaths often need to retreat to their own hidden spot away from people to rejuvenate their energy. Generally, their hidden spots are found in nature.

If you’re an Empath, you:

  • Are an emotional support to those in need.  Everyone tends to open up to, and confide in you, even if they are strangers or you don’t know them very well.
  • Often feel unexplainably moody, or physically ill.
  • Can easily read other people, seeing through their lies, masks and pretensions.
  • Are deeply affected by the emotions of others that linger in your mind and body and are felt directly in your heart.
  • Sometimes develop sympathy pains when a person close to you is mentally or physically sick.
  • Have extraordinary intuitive abilities.  You often just know things that lead you to predict events. You can see into the hidden nature of a person.
  • Are self-sacrificial.  You put others needs and happiness above your own.
  • Are an excellent listener.
  • Are driven to support the underdog, downcast or emotionally hindered in society.
  • Have a love for nature and animals.
  • Are easily overwhelmed in crowds of people, and tend to feel anxious, irritable, impatient and other varieties of emotions.
  • May feel fatigued, exhausted or ‘heavy’ inside.
  • Find it intensely painful to watch or read about cruelty, torture, violence or tragedy.
  • Are creative, solitary and spiritual.
  • Are able to tune in to emotions of others remotely.